Little Frog Publishing provides services, on an a la carte basis, to our self-publishing clients. Services include graphic design, copy editing and preparing your book for on-demand printing and/or ebook conversion. Quotes provided on request.


Copy editing and proofreading

Copy editing
includes review of grammar, punctuation, spelling and syntax (word use).

Conceptual copy editing:
includes all of the above as well as a review of style, tone and conceptual development.

Comprehensive copy editing:
includes all of the above as well as fact checking, citation of sources and review of footnotes/endnotes.

includes review of press-ready copy for simple and infrequent grammar, punctuation, spelling and syntax errors. (If there are too many errors our editors will recommend copy editing.)



Book cover design
includes the personalized design of the book's front and back cover, and spine. In order to start we will need the book's genre, a synopsis, examples of any covers you like, and a brief description of the kind of look and feel you are hoping to achieve. Please also send us the book's title, subtitle, author, ISBN #, and the back matter (textual description of the book, biographical paragraph, and a photo of author, if desired). We request that you contact us to establish pricing, but as a general rule, our minimum charge for a basic, custom-made cover is $125.

Book interior:
includes typesetting and interior page layout. Prices vary based on the interior's complexity (for instance, interiors with minimal headings cost less than those with subheadings, bulleted text and graphs). To find out how much you will be charged per finished page (between $.50 and $2.00 per page), we would need to see a few pages of the manuscript. Your manuscript can be emailed as an MS Word attachment.