Plato's Shadow:
The Hellenizing of Christianity


If Jesus’ apostles walked the earth today, would they recognize Christianity?


Plato’s Shadow looks at some foundational teachings of the earliest Christians, exploring how Greek and Roman society later shaped their message. The early church used the Old Testament as Scripture and believed in Jesus as the prophesied Messiah. It also taught that baptism and laying on of hands are necessary for converts. Early Christians shunned the use of any images in their worship, observing the Ten Commandments as the foundation of Christian conduct.


The forces of gnosticism and Hellenistic society reshaped these teachings. As a result, some of today’s most cherished Christian teachings are remarkably different from what the early church taught.


Today, millions of Christians are searching for a deeper understanding of God’s purpose in their lives. The answers can be found in the teachings and customs of the earliest followers of Jesus Christ. Discover for yourself the importance of “primitive Christianity” through Plato’s Shadow.

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